We Offer

  • Auditing and preparation for Buy America compliance
  • Research and consulting
  • Training and seminar development for
     Buy America topics

FTA Buy America

FTA Buy America Pre-Award and Post-Delivery Audits
(Bus and Rail)

Conduct Pre-Award and Post-Delivery Audits of rolling stock manufacturers to determine compliance with the Buy America regulations outlined in 49 CFR 661 and the audit requirements in Part 663.

FTA Buy America Simulation Audits

Conduct a simulated Buy America Audit of the vehicle manufacturer to determine level of preparedness for a
FTA Buy America audit.

and Consulting

Custom Training

We simplify Buy America regulations through customized
training forums and educational seminars focused on:

Our approach is unique as we tailor the education and the workshops to a client’s need and incorporate the training into a project or challenge they may be experiencing.
Useful application of the training concepts is the primary goal.

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